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Direct Tax – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quarterly Statement of Capital Gain Tax (CGT)

Date extended upto 20th April, 2011 for payment of taxes/duty and filing of ST/FED returns   for the period March, 2011 for registered persons claiming benefit under SRO. 283(I)/2011 dated 01.04.2011

E-Filing of returns under section 26    of Sales Tax Act 1990 for the tax period March 2011

Month-wise/ tax wise Collection during FY: 2010-11 (Provisional)

How to pay 15% Surcharge on payable income tax

GST Bill, 2010

FAQs Expeditious Refund System

  • Import of Vehicles Taxpayer’s Facilitation Guide 2010 New
  • Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (Amended up to 30th June 2010) New
  • Customs Act, 1969 (Amended up to 30th June 2006)
  • Import Policy Order 2009-S.R.O. 766 (I) 2009
  • Import Policy Order 2008-S.R.O. 758 (I) 2008
  • Import Policy Order 2006-SRO 775 (I)/2006 dated 31 July 2006.
  • Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (Amended up to 30th June 2006)
  • Trade Prices on Tea Imports ( For January 2010)
  • Import of Vehicles
  • Brief for GST Law, 2010  New
  • The General Sales Tax Bill, 2010 New

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